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Air France flight information
Air France confirmed that all the flights of the company between China and France are maintained.

Travel information
Border control: the President of the Republic has decided to immediately build systematic controls at points of entry into the national territory. This does not mean that the borders are closed. These checks shall be carried out at the passage point of roadway, railway, waterway and airport channel. The airports continue to operate. Air and railway transportation are well ensured.

Starting from October 12th 2015, all applicants above 12 years old must come in person at the Visa Application Center, or if applicable, at the Consulate, in order to have their biometric data captured (fingerprints and digital photography). Click here for more details.

The 21st Session of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change will be held in Paris from November 30th to December 11th 2015. Attendees to this event, including those who have received an official accreditation, are invited to start the visa application procedure as soon as possible.

Travelers in possession of a valid Schengen visa will be able to travel into France without trouble between November 13th 2015 and December 13th 2015 unlike what was announced in Chinese media. They will simply have to present their travel document and Schengen visa at border control when entering France. There is no notable change compared to usual practice.

Recently, unauthorized websites have surfaced in China deceiving Chinese visa applicants. Some websites use the pinyin or part of TLScontact initials as website links without our authorization. The public is advised to seek visa information through official channels only, in order to avoid being misled. The appointment booking on the official website of French Visa Application Centers is FREE-OF-CHARGE. Click here for more details.

Recently, many applications with fake signatures have been found. According to instruction from the Consulates, we would like to remind all representatives to follow strictly the requirements of Consulates and the procedure in the TLScontact center.

All documents submitted should be authentic. For any kind of violation by providing false information or fake signature on forms, all related applications will not be accepted and such behavior will be reported to the relevant Consulates for further investigation. Punishment might be inflicted to the representative or applicant concerned.


  • Application at the TLScontact Visa Application Center

  • ADS Visa Application Process via accredited travel agencies (only for tourist purpose)

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